Winter Canopy Covers

These winter canopy covers are non valance, heavy-duty and made for the harsh conditions of winter. Our winter canopy replacements can be used on a traditional canopy or put under a valance canopy for extra support. We understand that it is important to keep a snow load from collapsing in the middle of winter. These winter canopy covers have strong rope reinforcement around the perimeter which enables it to withstand pressure.

Winter time can be harsh on canopy tents. We suggest our super built canopy winter covers.

This silver and black 14x20 winter canopy cover is super strong and made for extreme winter conditions. A 14x20 winter canopy cover silver and black can be used with a traditional canopy for extra support.

  • Perimeter reinforced winter canopy
  • Resists snow load

Winter Canopy Covers And Why We Love Them

Winter canopy covers are used during times when the temperature outside is extremely cold. These covers ensure that the snow stays outside where it belongs and your belongings are kept safe and warm within the protection of your canopy while they are outside in the cold.

Often, snow and harsh weather are able to easily destroy canopies and tents. This is because the snow gathers on top of the canopy and as the weight increases, the canopy often gets damaged. The winter canopy covers are made to withstand this kind of treatment.

Canopy covers such as these are available in a variety of sizes such as 10x10 to 14x20. The size to purchase depends on your needs. It also depends on the size of your property.

The larger covers such as the 14x20 provide excellent coverage even in the most extreme cases of winter. These are made to withstand very harsh conditions and they are very popular even though they are slightly more expensive. The price is worth the protection these products provide.

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