White Pop up Tents

The white pop up tents are among the most popular products here at Ace Canopy. We have many pop up tent grades, sizes and shapes for the various needs of users.

More Information on White Pop Up Tents

The plain white color of the white pop up tents give you flexibility. White can work with most themes and colors during outdoor events. If you need to pick an instant tent immediately but you have yet to decide the final look of your outdoor event, it's safe to go with a white pop up tent. White pop up tents are great for exhibitions, trade shows, flea markets, beach trips, camping trips and other events that require an outdoor shade.

Pop up tents are user-friendly. We recommend them for people who are not very familiar with setting up canopies. The pop up tents have a mechanism that allows two people to set up by just pushing and pulling the right spots. Pop up tents can also be taken down easily. There is no need for tools when setting up a canopy.

Pop up tents are instant shelters. They are not suited for long-term use. Pop up tents are not strong enough to withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall. They should only be used with supervision. Once your event ends, it's time to take down the tent and store it for another time. It should also be taken down in case the weather conditions becomes worse. For canopies that can be used long-term, check out the other sections of this site. 

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