Walls & Peak Ends for Canopies

Enclose your canopy tent using our collection of canopy walls and end panels. Our poly tarp canopy side and end panels are available in white or silver and are made of heavy-duty, U.V. treated polyethylene. Our mesh canopy side panels come in black, green or tan and are made of heavy-duty polyethylene mesh. The edges are double flapped and the grommets are double stitched in the fabric.

These canopy tent walls and peak ends are made HD polyethylene and will add great functionality to your outdoor canopy. 

Canopy Tent Wall Panel Specs

Poly Tarp Canopy Wall Info:

  • Heavy poly tarp material
  • 6 oz. per square yrd.
  • UV treated on both sides
  • Reinforced corners

Mesh Tarp Canopy Wall Info

  • Heavy-duty nylon mesh tarp material
  • 70% shade
  • Grommets approx. every 2 ft. inches
  • Reinforced corners

These canopy tent walls add great functionality to your outdoor canopy.

Walls And Peak Ends For Canopies

Walls and peak ends for canopies provide additional protection. They give extra shade on sunny days and block the path of rain when the wind is blowing.  The walls and peak ends for canopies are also great for keeping parties going with minimal disturbance and help keep the guests comfortable, as well as provide privacy.  These canopies can be used as a changing area during summers at the beach or pool parties. Our walls and peak coverings made of polyethylene are available in white or silver.

The mesh siding is also tough, with black, green and tan are the color options.  Mesh sidewalls let the wind through which enables more statbility on a windy day. 

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