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Abadak Monster Kingpin Chair
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The Regatta Gazebo Canopy Tent make every yard or garden beautiful and elegant. Have a nice chat with your family and friends outdoors under the shade of this nice and classy canopy. The Regatta Canopy Tent offers a light wight, cost effective and stylish solution for the backyard enthusiast.

The Regatta Gazebo Canopy - 6 1/2' Sides

  • Size: 6 1/2' sides, widest point is about 13'
  • 160G polyester roof and sidewalls
  • Sidewalls with screens (2-panel)
  • With zipper


Additional Information

Polyester. Polyester is a material that's resistant to the elements. It's a great outdoor material that stays in shape regardless of harsh climates.

Written by Sungirl

May 22, 2017

Good price but I would be amazed if it last more than one summer. Do not attempt to build on hot day the plastic connections will warp and not support the metal rods at one point the thing just collapsed and there were rod sticking up everywhere. But not being a quitter I when to the local hardware store and bought 36 hose clamps and 6 metal rods. I used the hose clamps at each connection point then pounded the metal rods in the ground and slipped the leg rods those rods. Once I got the frame stable the covering was easy just need a six foot ladder. It looks nice but I would only give it 2 stars it was difficult to build, you need at least 3 people (I did it by myself that was dumb) the rods and pastic connections are flimsy you'll spend $50 just to shore it up.
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