Temporary Canopies

If you are looking for quick set up temporary canopies for the on the go occasion, these temporary canopies are the way to go. Our temporary canopies are built for quick set up and take down. So whether you are at the beach or a flea market you can be mobile without a long wait.

More Information on Temporary Canopies

Our temporary canopies can only be for short-term use. But that doesn’t mean it won’t last long. With proper maintenance and storage, the temporary canopies can last picnic after picnic.

The cover is made of polyester which is UV treated, water repellent and mildew resistant. These canopies block about 98 percent of the harmful ultraviolet rays. It can easily be installed to benches and tables with its 360-degree rotatable clamp base. You can easily adjust according to where the light of the sun is coming from because you can easily shift the cover up and down and left to right. It can also tilt 20 degrees in either direction. It has a pop up frame designed combined with cover attachment and shock cord poles which allows you to set up quickly and easily.

The temporary canopies we offer are ideal for table up to 10 ft. long. 

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