These tarps fit well with canopy pole kits and various other types of shelter structures. A tarp can be installed on various types of canopies using ball bungees or tarp clamps.

Typical Uses of Tarps

While Ace Canopy already has tarps which fit most canopy frames, we offer other sizes which could aid you in various outdoor needs. We also have tarps that can be used as sidewalls.

The poly tarps we offer are for general outdoor covering needs. The lastingness would depend on the thickness of the tarp. The blue and brown tarps belong to the economy type and are only suitable for short-term use. The other colors are thick and will surely last longer. But do remember that you can extend the service life of a tarp by storing it properly when it’s not in use.

We also offer drawstring tarps which are often used for clean ups. With a drawstring tarp, the cleaning time is reduced in half. All you need to do is lay the tarp on the ground, bring all leaves and garbage on top of the tarp and then wrap the entire haul using the drawstrings.

We also have fire retardant tarps which can be used for events where there is a risk of fire. Some good examples are barbeque parties and car racing competitions.

Ace Canopy also offers mesh tarps which allow a little amount of sunlight to pass through. We have large sizes available which can be used for larger tents.


More Information on Tarp Specs

Poly tarps are all around covers with their ability to provide shield from the harmful UV rays and rain. A poly tarp consists of poly sheets and woven poly strips in the core. The woven core prevents tearing, stretching and ripping of the material.

The fire retardant tarps have substances that lessen the flammability of an item. Remember that a fire retardant tarp does not resist the flames. It can only slow down (or possibly stop) the spread of fire.

Mesh tarps are permeable. They allow water, sunlight and even air through. When used as a sidewall, the mesh tarp diffuses the power of the wind. The interior of the canopy is still cool because wind can pass through this cover.

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