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Whether you need to protect your equipment and materials in your backyard or you just want a nice shade on a hot sunny day, we recommend the 10' x 20' Supreme Outdoor Canopy. This product will not easily wear or tear despite being used in sunny and rainy weather. Get these 10' x 20' Supreme Outdoor Canopies now.

10'x20' Supreme Outdoor Canopy with Valance Top - Super Sale

  • Number of legs: 8
  • Steel tube: 38mm/42mm connector
  • Matching color powder coated frame
  • With foot pads

Available in white or tan.

Additional Information

About foot pads. Here at Ace Canopy, we offer items with the best accessories. So we have included foot pads in this package.

What is the purpose of these foot pads? Remember that there will be times when strong winds blow. In other cases, an event will be held on a windy spot. A basic canopy alone might not be able to withstand stronger winds. That's why you need to install foot pads. When a stake or concrete screw is driven through the holes of each foot pad, you can make the canopy foundation more stable.

Powder coating. A powder coating is a plastic finish. When applied to a tent frame, it is in powder form. This high quality finish is better than liquid paint in many ways. It is more durable so you're guaranteed a canopy frame that is long-lasting. A powder coated product can also resist damaging agents. With this type of finish, that chances of an item getting worn-out is reduced.

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