Super Industrial Canopies

If light duty and heavy duty canopies are not enough, we offer super heavy duty 2" dia canopy tents. Choose the super industrial canopies from Ace Canopy. These are highly recommended for commercial and industrial applications. These are also great for protecting cars from the elements.

Ideal Super Industrial Canopy Uses

Super industrial canopies are pretty much like super heavy duty canopies. But since people are looking for canopies for industrial use, we have placed all the products that may fit their needs on this page.

These canopies can be used for protecting various items. They’re heavy duty so they can withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Those who want to build a garage or a workshop but don’t have the budget to build their needed structure can turn to these cost-effective products.

Some of our super industrial canopies can be used for outdoor celebrations, but some might not like its plain appearance. That’s why we recommend our party tents and other decorative canopies for your outdoor function needs.

Although super industrial canopies are tough enough to endure various weather conditions, they cannot withstand the strength of Mother Nature. Check the weather condition and in case it’s going to be severe, we advise you to take down the structure to avoid damages.


More Information on Super Industrial Canopy Specs

The frame of our super industrial canopies is made of steel. While they may be hard to assemble, especially for a beginner, you can be sure that they’re durable. Their overall performance is better than light duty canopies and heavy duty models.

We offer enclosed canopies and regular canopies with tarp tops. Enclosed canopies fully protect items inside and allow easy access. The regular canopies are large so you have a wide covered area for your needs.

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