Steel Frame Canopy Ports

High quality and highly resistant to the effects of the weather, Ace Canopy steel frame canopy ports for cars, trucks, machinery, recreational equipment last season after season. They are perfect for just about anything that requires outdoor protection. Our specialized steel frame canopy ports are finished with a heavy powder coating and come with a fabricated pre-drilled frame assembly of heavy square tube steel with all the hardware necessary.

The steel canopy top roof material is made of fluted steel sheathing, shipped in pre-cut sheet lengths, with a baked-on neutral color painted finish. The steel panels are not only highly resistant to rust, oxidation, or any of the sun's damaging effects, but also attach conveniently to the frame assembly with rubber grommets and self-drilling screws to each frame member. Their ends and sides are open which allows proper ventilation. The outer edge molding pushes directly into the steel for a permanent, perfectly finished and attractive edge. The base of each canopy frame member is pre-drilled in order to insert the ground anchors (included). The anchors are 18" long steel pins with huge heads, making them absolutely suitable to secure the steel canopy to almost any surface. Once assembled, the steel canopy becomes a permanent structure that provides many  years of protection for your valuable investments. For those looking for the ultimate steel frame canopy port, our super heavy-duty steel canopy frame ports are highly recommended.

The steel frame canopy port top eliminates the hassle of changing the top every couple years. These canopy ports are a permanent solution to your shelter needs.

Typical Uses of Steel Frame Canopy Ports

Steel frame canopy ports are a lot tougher than the ordinary canopies we sell. They can be used the way you would use typical canopies. Since they’re completely made of steel, they're highly recommended for long-term storage.

You can have cheaper yet tough protection for your vehicles with the steel frame canopy ports. If you don’t have the budget and resources for a garage, these steel shelters are recommended. Equipment, materials and other properties can also be placed under the protection of a steel frame canopy.

The steel frame is also advantageous for farmers and gardeners. If the space of your barn isn’t enough, get this shelter as an extension. It will protect your hay and farming equipment from the elements.

Steel frame canopy ports can also be used to enjoy the outdoors. Add outdoor dining furniture so you can have your meals outdoors. You can let your children play under this shelter so they will be protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

Steel shelters can also be used as a covered drive through. They can be added as an extension to buildings so that people will have a comfortable shade after being dropped-off from a car.


Additional Information on Steel Frame Canopy Port Specs

The steel frame of our canopy ports is painted so it will not rust easily. Since the steel components are heavy, it will take time to set up the whole canopy. Having two or more persons is recommended to when erecting the structure. Instructions on how to set up the ports are included so you’ll be guided in every step.

Steel frame canopy ports are longer lasting than structures with a fabric top. Your cars and other properties are protected from sun, rain, snow and other agents that bring damage.

Our steel frame canopy ports have a bolt together design. This means that you don’t have to cut, drill or make other modifications to set up the canopy. Minimal tools are needed. These canopy ports feature pin anchors which are compatible with most surfaces. The bases are also predrilled for stable anchoring. 

These canopy ports are open from all sides so you’ll have easy access to your vehicles and other properties. 

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