Snow Canopy

These heavy-duty, portable snow canopy kits are designed for the winter season. It makes a wonderful storage area for your outdoor equipment, lawn and garden equipment and vehicles. The snow canopy is an all weather canopy.

The unique cover has a limited five-year warranty and the unit comes with metal canopy leg base plates and hammer in ground canopy anchors. No tools required for this easy to assemble canopy. Store your properties inside and don't worry about the load of snow on top. The snow canopy frame can handle the load of snow better than regular frame canopies with its pole diameter and thickness. Note: Even snow canopies are no match against mother nature. If there will be high winds, it is advisable to take the canopy down.

The snow load canopy is an all weather canopy that can last the elements.

Snow Load Canopy Specs:

  • Pole dia: 2 Inch
  • Heavy-duty top cover
  • Fully enclosed with zipper entrance
  • Foot pads and canopy stakes included


Typical Uses of Snow Canopies

We name them snow canopies because these structures are usable even during the winter. But do remember that these canopies can be used no matter what the season.

You can store vehicles inside the snow canopies. The cold winter months can damage your cars in various ways. Batteries can possibly die, the fluids become thicker and the spark plug weakens. The low temperature will also deflate the tires. But if you park your car inside a snow canopy, you can prevent all the inconveniences of the subzero temperatures.

Aside from vehicles, these snow canopies can also protect equipment, materials and your other properties. Snow canopies are a convenient storage because you can set them up easily unlike permanent shelters which will take more time, resources and money.


More Info on Snow Canopy Specs

Snow canopies are made of galvanized steel components. These are ready to assemble parts so you don’t need to drill, cut or make other modifications. Each package comes with a guide so you can set up without hassles. The steel parts are heavy yet durable. It may take time to erect the canopy but rest assured you’re getting a structure that will last for years.

The snow canopies feature a polyethylene cover treated against UV rays and is waterproof. The UV treatment prevents deterioration from continuous sun exposure. The cover also shields items from the damages caused by these harmful rays. Water will not leak inside. It will merely slide off the cover. Items are protected from all sides. You can easily access the interior from the front door.

Our snow canopies come with foot pads and stakes. These parts need to be installed especially during windy days. They make the canopy more stable.

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