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Ball Bungee - 100 Piece Bag
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Valance Tarp 12'x10' (Fits Most 10'x10' Canopy Frames)
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Grommet Repair Kit

The 10x10 Winter Canopy Cover Silver and Black is a super heavy duty canopy replacement cover. It is designed to withstand harsh winters. 

No Edge Winter Top 12x10 (fits most 10x10 canopy frames) Silver/Black

  • Rope reinforcement - perimeter
  • Resists snow load
  • Super tough


Note: A 10x10 Canopy frame requires a 10x12 Tarp Cover - A Canopy Cover Replacement 10x10 = A 10x12 Tarp Cover. So when you receive your 10x10 Canopy Cover Replacement it will say 10x12 - This is due to the high peak of the canopy frame.

Two different ways of using the winter canopy cover:

  • Place it as a cover of a traditional canopy frame.
  • Put it under a valance canopy for added support.

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