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We offer various models and sizes of shade canopies. Since there are different designs, we encourage you to look at each page to find the right shade canopy for your purposes. We have canopies you can use for outdoor events with a design that will surely impress your guests. We also have shade canopies that let you relax under the hot sun, as well as offer structures for general outdoor shading needs. Look no further and choose a shade canopy by Ace Canopy.

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From portable shade canopies to shade sails, we have a variety of shade structures to help shield you and your family from various agents outdoors and even inside your home.

Need a special size of shade canopy? No problem, we can match your needs with a custom made shade canopy! Our shade canopies can give you everything you could ever want in a shade canopy.

Shade canopy tents can be used for big events and backyard fun. The shade canopy is very easy to set up and requires no tools. With a variety of products to choose from, you'll surely find one that will fit your needs.

The "A" frame shade canopies are very important if you live in a windy area. The shade mesh material lets the wind through without much resistance. This way, you can have shade without worrying that the tent will be toppled down by the wind. Of course canopy foot pads and canopy stakes are also necessary to secure the structure.

More Info on the Shade Canopies We Offer

The shade canopies are different from the typical canopies we offer. Most products here are just for outdoor fun, events and other purposes that will only require light use. But if you’re looking for long-term protection, check the other sections of this site.

The mesh canopies don’t fully block the sun. They let some of the light in while still providing protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays. And since the top cover is made of a mesh tarp, it won’t be able to shield people and items underneath from the rain. Remember that mesh shade tarps can only be used for sun protection.

We also offer the quick shade and star shade canopies which have a stylish and appealing look. Your guests will be impressed with the unique appearance of these canopy models.

Shade sails may look like a very light material, but they are designed for long-term use. You quickly set up a relaxing space in your yard with these covers. They can also be used in waiting areas and playgrounds.

We also have shade canopies for home use. The window shade canopies add great appeal to your windows and provide a good shade from the sun. We also have bed canopies for children and adults. These prevent bugs and insects from disturbing your good night’s sleep.

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