September 10 2013 - Ace Canopy Will Sponsor Sporting Events

September 10 2013 - Ace Canopy Will Sponsor Sporting EventsThere are many ways to promote to promote your business. Ace Canopy has chosen to take a page from the big boys and start promoting events in lieu of advertising and name recognition. The canopy tent company already specializes in advertising and promotion via their custom pop-up tents. Many companies contact Ace Canopy for pop-up tents with their logo on it in order to expand their presence and brand. Ace Canopy CEO and founder Michael Stein says, sponsoring events is just as good as any other type of advertising or promotion. The fact that we specialize in custom made pop up tents gives us a turnkey type situation." Ace Canopy mother company Abadak started its sponsor program with the Abadak 50, a stock-car race that takes place at Willow Springs Raceway. The company says it would like to sponsor 52 events a year… One of event every weekend.
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