Portable Canopy

We are leaders in manufacturing portable canopies. If you are looking for portable canopies for a party, an elegant patio shade for your backyard, or a cover for your truck or car, Ace Canopy is the place for you.

Our lasting and attractive portable canopy requires no tools and so they're extremely easy to set up. They look great for various purposes. We also offer a range of portable canopies for craft and flea market vendors. Our portable canopy tents are a favorite of swap meet and flea market vendors.

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Have an event and need a portable canopy? Try our Ace portable canopies! These shelters are a great way to supply shade. When on the go, a portable solution is a must. You can take a portable canopy on the go and set it up right away no matter where you are. A portable canopy is strong yet versatile.

Typical Portable Canopy Uses

Portable canopies are shelters that can be transported wherever you need them. They are often used in camping trips and other outdoor activities.

We have portable canopies which can be used as outdoor dressing rooms. We also have ones you can use during swap meets. And if you occasionally hold outdoor parties, these portable canopies will keep you covered.

The larger ones can be used for your cars, motorcycles and other outdoor equipment.

Remember that portable canopies are not designed for long-term use. Check the other sections of the site for canopies that can last longer.


Additional Info on Portable Canopy Specs

Our portable canopies have steel parts. Since these are heavy, setting up the canopy will take time. But with the durability of steel, you get a long-lasting portable shelter.

Most of our canopies have a polyethylene top cover. These are waterproof covers which are also treated against ultraviolet rays. Constant outdoor exposure won't easily wear out these canopies. But do remember that most products in this page are only designed for short-term use. Take the canopy down when not in use and then store it properly.

These portable canopies compose of parts that can already be assembled. There is no need to make modifications to the frame parts. Tools are not needed to set up the tent. Each canopy package comes with instructions so erecting the tent won’t be a hassle.


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