Pop Up Tent Top Replacements

Looking for a quick and convenient replacement for your pop up tent top cover? We offer a variety of folding canopy and pop up tent covers in different colors, sizes and grades which are compatible with many popular brands.

Click on the pictures below to view our line of pop up tent cover replacement tops.

Not all pop up tent tops cover all types of instant pop up tents. It is very important to make sure you know the dimensions of your tent. Our pop up tent covers are built to fit Abadak pop up tents so make sure your pop up tent canopy frame is compatible before you purchase our replacement pop up tent covers.

More Information on Pop Up Tent Covers

Many people purchase pop up tent covers because their old covers are worn out and need to be replaced. The great thing about this product is that you don't have to purchase a whole new tent set.

Our pop up tents are made of polyester. The polyester top will not shrink, stretch, wrinkle, abrade or mildew and can easily be cleaned. It also dries quickly.

Before purchasing pop up tents, make sure you know the size of your frame. The wrong size will not fit on your frame. You also need to check the manufacturer. Our frames are not compatible with some other pop up tent brands. You can also choose the same color as your old pop up tent cover if you wish. The grade that you purchase will have a big effect on the price but a better grade equals a better quality. These pop up tent covers can be found in sizes such as 10x10 as well as 10x20. Since pop up tents are usually available in smaller sizes, you can shop from us if you have a small tent frame.

Pop up tents are great for small gatherings. You can simply enjoy the evening sipping cocktails underneath it. They are so versatile that they can be used almost anywhere. They have a simple and easy set up procedure.

These pop up tent tops fit the following frames:

  • Abadak - Ace Canopy "Commercial Pop Up Tents"
  • Caravan canopy brand
  • Ez Up canopies
  • Norstar Canopies

If you do not see your canopy frame brand name here then it's highly possible that the top won't fit on your frame.

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