Pop Up Tent Directions

Like fine machinery, all the movements are built into and controlled by the frame. Start setting up by holding a leg and pulling it away from the others. Doing this causes the frame to expand, rise and properly align itself for stability. It's so simple that the canopy practically sets itself up!

Closing a pop up tent:
1) Push ALL the push pins in - the push pins lock the frame in place.
2) Grab any of the 4 corners of the pop up tent, push and walk into structure. Do this on all corners.
3) As the canopy frame closes up a bit, begin to bear hug the structure to close it in tighter.
4) Place the pop up tent cover over the frame.

*Note: If the cover seems too small to fit over the closed frame, bear hug the frame a bit tighter to bring the frame in more.

If you ever have any questions, just give us a call and we will be glad to help you with your pop up tent.

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