Pole Tents

Pole tents are popular because they offer versatility. They are also fully functional and trusted by people for their different needs. These structures have a simple construction. However, when selecting a pole tent, you need to determine its advantages and limitations. The main key is to select a pole tent with features that best suit the needs of your outdoor activity.

General Features:

  • Tent is held up by poles
  • Reinforced by freestanding posts (lifts up the roof of the shelter)
  • With tension (e.g. tension ropes, ratchet straps or tie-downs) - creates a tight and fixed roof structure
  • Decreased weight


  • Big outdoor parties
  • Weddings
  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Major gatherings
  • Reunions
  • Great for party rentals and businesses offering event planning services

Other advantages:

  • The shaded space can be increased for sectional tents
  • Expand with ease
  • Sidewalls can be added to enclose the structure
  • There are sidewalls with cathedral windows to clearly see the surroundings
  • Cathedral windows can also give your event a look of elegance - perfect for weddings

General Information on Our Pole Tents

Our pole tents are sturdy enough for frequent use. Their unmatched durability makes them the favorite product of people who operate their own party rental business. Aside from commercial use, people can also use these pole tents for their homes. If you have a property that needs to be protected from the elements, these pole tents are recommended. Industrial firms can also take advantage of the sturdiness of our pole tents. A pole tent can be a temporary storage for different types of materials and equipment.

The larger tents can be used for big events and functions. And the good thing about these pole tents is that they can withstand any type of weather condition. Your guests can be comfortable regardless of the scorching heat of the sun. If the celebrations happen to be on a rainy and windy day, there is no need to worry. These weather types cannot disturb the fun of the event as long the structure is steadily assembled.

These tents are held up by poles. They are not supported by a frame or any other type of structure. Freestanding posts lift up the roof of the shelter. Pole tents also rely on some kind of tension (e.g. ratchet straps, tie-downs and tension ropes) to make the top stable. Without the need for a frame, the bulkiness is eliminated, giving you an extremely portable tent. No wonder it's the preferred product of event organizers and sales businesses.

Because of the flexibility offered by pole tents, the shaded area can be expanded. You can efficiently cover a very large area, which makes it great for disaster relief.

A pole tent can stand on its own. That's why it cannot be installed against a building. Each pole tent also features center poles. They are necessary for supporting the tent top.

While you have the freedom to choose which type of pole tent you want to purchase (pole tent with white top, pole tent with striped top, pole tent with sidewalls, pole tent with sidewalls and cathedral windows), there are tent types that suit a specific event well. For example, the tents with cathedral windows can add elegance to a formal event. There are also colors that suit certain types of events. That's why we offer striped tents.

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