Party Tents With Windows

These affordable party tents all have windows, so you can enjoy the view from within the tent at the party. Whether you want to let in more light or enjoy the scenery, you cannot go wrong with these party tents with windows.

We guarantee the lowest prices on party tents with windows. If you are looking for high quality party tents with windows at the absolute lowest prices, you will find it here. We guarantee it!

Additional Information on Party Tents with Windows

Our party tents with windows provide privacy. It also lets you and your guests enjoy the view of the outdoors. The windows add elegance to the overall appearance of the structure. That’s why the party tents with windows are the ones often used for weddings and other formal functions. They are also great for exhibitions, trade shows, sports events and impromptu meetings.

During daytime, more natural light are allowed within the structure. You don’t really need to install lights since it’ll be brighter within the tent.

Each party tent has a long-lasting frame. Some products in this section have galvanized steel frames while others have powder coated steel frames. The peak style frame gives more room, especially along the sides.

Galvanized steel is a durable material that can last for more than 20 years. It has a scratch resistant coating that will not corrode or rust. The zinc and patina (which develops later on) layers block all the agents that can harm the steel interior.

Powder coating is a nature-friendly process. Instead of liquid paint, dry paint is applied to the surface. The thick and durable coat provides long-term protection to the steel material. Powder coated steel has the ability to resist abrasions, rust and corrosions.

The top covers are made of PVC which can resist water and mildew. They are treated to resist the harmful ultraviolet rays. These covers are also fire retardant. The substances applied to them decreases flammability. Fire retardants are able to delay the spread of fire or completely stop the flames.  Most of the windows are made with clear PCV vinyl. The details of each paty tent's window material is on the product's page.. 

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