Party Tents Wholesale

If you are looking to get party tents in large quantities and want to get wholesale pricing, you have come to the right place. We offer large quantity discounts to government agencies and large corporate accounts.

For quantity orders and big events, please call: 1-800-838-3057 and request to speak to our wholesale department.


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What To Look For When Purchasing Wholesale Party Tents

There will be several good reasons why people make a real effort to buy wholesale party tents. First and foremost, they may be looking to buy party tents in larger quantities and secondly they are looking to take advantage of wholesale pricing.

If you look around, it will not take long for you to find a number of shops where you can purchase wholesale party tents. It is important to look for a source that has a large selection of party tents and which also offers large sized discounts. Mostly, these wholesalers tend to provide significantly higher discounts to government agencies and to large corporations.

It is also important that you check whether the wholesaler offers absolutely the most attractive and lowest prices on different kinds of party tents. Some wholesalers even go to the extent of matching a lower offer than the one they have.

When dealing with a company that sells wholesale party tents, it is important to check the reliability and reputation of the wholesaler. Obviously, you want to deal with a wholesaler that has been around for a long time and which has, over the years, built a solid reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

If you are planning to make your purchases online, and then make sure that their online page is hacker safe. Shop only in websites that passed the SANS/FBI Internet Security Vulnerability Test. Look for a wholesaler that offers quick service and will ship your orders within twenty four hours. At Ace Canopy, we make sure that you not only get party tents at the best price but strive to be a source of help and assistance you can count on.

It is also important to check the warranty policies which should assure you that when you order an item, you will be completely satisfied with your purchase once it has been received. Some wholesalers are willing to offer a thirty-day warranty and others will also be willing to replace/repair any part of the tent that is defective, provided that you bring this to their attention within thirty days of the purchase.

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