Party Tent Tops

If you need to replace that old party tent cover, choose only from our line of replacement party tent tops. With a variety of sizes offered, you'll surely find what fits your frame.

Different colors are available here at Ace Canopy, so spice up your party with some diversity and colorful cheer.

When it's time to replace that old or damaged party tent top, shop only from Abadak Inc. We guarantee the lowest price on party tent tops anywhere. If you are looking for high quality replacement party tent tops at the absolute lowest price, you will find it here. We guarantee it!

Additional Information on Party Tent Tops

A party tent cover will get worn out after two to five years. Once it’s no longer usable, there is no need to purchase a whole new set of tent. All you need to do is buy a party tent top that will fit your frame.

Different sizes and colors of party tent tops are available here at Ace Canopy. From small to large tent tops, we have various sizes to suit lawn parties, weddings, social functions, sports events and other occasions held outdoors. Note that these top covers are only compatible with the party tent frames bought from Abadak Inc.

These party tent tops provide rain and sun protection and the material is UV treated so frequent sun exposure will not wear it out that easily. This cover can also block the harmful ultraviolet rays. Our party tent tops are made of durable polyester oxford fabric that can resist chemicals and abrasions. This fabric is also fire retardant. During its production, it was treated with chemicals that decrease its flammability. When the top cover catches fire, the flames will slow down and can possibly subside.

The thickness of the top cover can be determined by looking at its denier count. A higher number means a thicker thread. And thicker usually means that the material is more durable.

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