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If you need to replace your party tent frame due to a storm or natural disaster, you can get your party tent frame replacement here. Our frames are super heavy-duty and will last season after season.


Party Tent Frame 20x40 - Frame Only

  • Easy set-up
  • Galvanized steel poles 1.75 inch pole diameter - heavy-duty 16 gage


Canopy Size Details:

  • High peak (120 degree) roof type
  • Width = 20'
  • Length = 40'
  • Side height = 8'
  • Center height = 13'1"
  • Weight = 320 pounds
  • With 12 legs


Note: This 20x40 party tent frame is long and heavy. They must be delivered via trucking company, so make sure you have the capability to manage the materials when they get off the truck.


Additional Info

Galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is a reliable material for its lastingness. The tough zinc coating provides corrosion and rust protection. The satiny finish looks attractive and is hard to scratch.

16 gage galvanized steel. The thickness of sheet metal is indicated in gage. A 16 gage galvanized steel is 0.0635 in. thick.

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