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Ball Bungee - 100 Piece Bag
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Valance Tarp 12'x30' (Fits Most 10'x30' Canopy Frames)
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Grommet Repair Kit

No Edge Top 12x30 (fits most 10x30 canopy frames)

  • 6 oz per square yard
  • 1200 denier
  • 14x14 weave count
  • Grommets approx. every 18 inches
  • Measures approx 12' x 30'
  • Tarps can have a cut size of 6 in. or up to 3% smaller

Note: A 10x30 canopy frame requires a 12x30 tarp cover. 

Additional Information 

Weave count. The number of threads in every square inch is called the weave count. This tarp has a 14 by 14 weave count. This means that the tarp is heavy-duty. 

Polyethylene. This is the most common plastic. In tarps, strips of woven polyethylene are placed in the core. It is then covered by sheet layers. 

Ball bungees (sold separately). Ball bungees allow you to attach the cover to the frame easily. Installation is quick and easy.

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