Metal Carports

These heavy-duty metal carports are made of galvanized steel which can handle heavier abuse compared with polyethylene. Our portable metal carports are perfect for those who want to protect their car from hail storms but don't have the resources to build a garage. All metal carports offer heavy-duty protection you can count on. When choosing a carport, we suggest American metal carports.

Live in a hail ridden area and want a metal carport? Our free standing metal carports can replace your garage and protect your car from hail. We carry freestanding metal carports that can easily be placed in the location of your choice.

Uses of Metal Carports

Metal carports are tougher than canopies with a fabric top. They are also longer lasting. Since they provide excellent overhead protection, vehicles are not the only ones you can place under this structure.

If you have DIY projects, you can place your equipment and materials under the protection of the metal carport. These metal carports can also be used as a shelter for motorcycles, ATVs, vessels and more. You can use it like how you would use a regular canopy.

We have a size enough for two vehicles. Consider purchasing a large metal carport if you want to protect your vehicle but you don’t have a budget to build a garage that would fit two vehicles.

Machinery can also be protected by these metal carports. You can even park your tractors and place your lawn and garden equipment so they can be protected from the sun and rain.

Apply decorations to your metal carport so you can use it for your parties. But since it’s too plain-looking, most outdoor enthusiasts would opt for party tents and canopies. We have these shelters available. Check out the different sections of Ace Canopy.


Additional Info on Metal Carport Specs

Metal carports feature a frame with a bolt-together design. You don’t have to do welding or other modifications because the components are already pre-drilled and cut. The hardware you need is included in the metal carport package so you can set up without hassles. But remember that steel frames are harder to assemble so two or more people are required to set everything up.

These metal carports will not rust easily. They have a coating which prevents damages brought by the changing weather condition and season. The top also has a coating which can resist oxidation, rust and other harmful effects of the sun.

The metal carport provides access from all sides. Since it’s not enclosed, there is sufficient ventilation underneath the carport.

Metal carports are permanent structures. They provide years of protection to almost any object that you can place under its care.

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