Mesh Tarp Shade Canopies

The mesh tarp shade canopies are put together with canopy poles, connectors and a mesh tarp top. The canopy poles and connector take just minute to assemble making this very portable.

Ideal Uses of Mesh Tarp Shade Canopies

Mesh tarp shade canopies feature a cover that allows a small amount of light to pass through. It’s great for shading needs that still require minimal light. You can still enjoy the sun without worrying about its harmful ultraviolet rays.

Since water can penetrate the mesh tarp shade canopies, they cannot be used for protection against the rain.

Here are some suggested uses for the mesh tarp shade canopies:

  • Backyard fun
  • Camping
  • Pool side shade
  • Patio shade

More Information on the Specs of Mesh Tarp Shade Canopies

The mesh tarp shade canopies provide about 70% shade and lets in 30% of the light. It provides enough protection from ultraviolet rays. The cover is also treated to withstand deterioration from constant sun exposure and other harmful agents. The top covers have grommets so it would be easy to install them with ball bungees (included with the package).

The canopy frames are made of galvanized steel which resists rust and corrosion.  Galvanized steel also has a satiny finish which is hard to scratch.

All products in this section come with a five-year warranty on acts of erosion for both the top cover and the frame.



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