March 15 2013 - Ace Canopy Plans New Retail Store in Texas

March 15 2013 - Ace Canopy Plans New Retail Store in TexasIn efforts to expand their brand and product awareness, Ace Canopy will be opening its new retail store in Texas by the end of 2013. The canopy superstore will feature the entire line of Ace Canopy pop-up tents, carports, canopies, party tents and various other outdoor canopy shelters. The store will be located in Weir Texas, approximately 20 miles North of Austin. The company seeks to take advantage of the fast-growing region as well as emphasis on agricultural and trucking industries.

Ace Canopy General manager Angelina Urquhart says, "The location in Texas enables us to offer our brand of canopies to a whole new audience. We are very excited about our new Texas retail store and expanding our canopy brand too the region."
The Ace Canopy Texas retail store will also feature a custom canopy department where customers can order various sizes and custom graphics for pop-up tents and pole tent canopies.
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