March 13 2013 - Ace Canopy Launches Economy Line Of Party Tents

March 13 2013 - Ace Canopy Launches Economy Line Of Party TentsAce Canopy will be offering an economical line of party tents for the spring of 2013. In a time where people are constantly trying to save money, it makes perfect sense that Ace will be satisfying that market. The economy line of tents will be called the Ace weekender party tent. The tent satisfies a customer base that wishes to use the tent on a periodic basis, as opposed to professional users that use their tent every day, such as flea market vendors, swap meet sellers and catering companies. The Ace weekender party tent will feature sidewalls with Windows, a valance top and a light duty frame which will make it easy to transport, as well as save cost on production, which gives a bottom line of a better price.

Ace Canopy CEO and founder Michael Stein says," We have had many requests for economical party tents this past year. Many customers want the luxury of having a tent that they can entertain with once in a while the weekends, but don't want to spend a lot of money for something that is more professional grade. We are excited to offer the ace weekender as an economical solution to fill this niche market."
The two initial sizes introduced will be a 10 x 20 and 10 x 30 party tent offered in ultra white. Plans for different colors such as silver, can and green are planned for the future.
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