March 11 2013 - Ace Canopy Designs New Style Pop Up Tent "The Bandera"

March 11 2013 - Ace Canopy Designs New Style Pop Up Tent "The Bandera"The Los Angeles canopy company, Ace Canopy is constantly searching for new ways to satisfy their customers. The new Ace Bandera pop-up tent is designed to satisfy not just one part of the crowd, but to. The Bandera is a green, white and red pop-up tent is being marketed toward the Mexican and Italian contingencies. The Mexican and Italian colors signify both countries flags which makes it an ideal tent to sell to Mexican and Italian restaurants, companies and outdoor enthusiasts. The Bandera has particularly shown interest with soccer players as well as Italian restaurants. Many Los Angeles restaurants do not allow smoking, which makes the Bandera an ideal item for people to congregate on outside patios of Italian restaurants.
CEO and founder Michael Stein says, "we are excited about the Bandera pop-up tent because it offers a niche market that was not being satisfied. This tent has shown a lot of popularity and we plan on marketing it much more in the future." The Bandera pop-up tent is currently being offered on the ace canopy website as well as their retail stores.
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