March 06 2013 - Ace Canopy Launches Canopies For Kids School Program

March 06 2013 - Ace Canopy Launches Canopies For Kids School ProgramThe Los Angeles California-based canopy supplier Ace Canopy has thought of a unique way to alleviate some of their overstocked items and help out local schools at the same time. The program is called "Canopies for Kids" and consists of the company going to schools with a white pop up tent, canvas tarp and paint supplies for the children and teachers to paint on. The canopy is then donated to the school. The canopy tent company arrives to the school with a 10 x 10 white pop-up tent and a 30' x 30' canvas tarp. The pop-up tent is set up on top of the canvas tarp. Paint supplies of all different colors are laid out around the perimeter of the tarp; children dip their hands in the paint and put their handprints on to the bottom sleeve of the tent. The teachers put their handprints on the top part of the tent. This formation symbolizes the unity between the students and teachers. All the paint drippings from painting the tent fall onto the canvas tarp. After the pop-up tent has been painted the tent is then lifted off the canvas and the children perform a free form paint session with the canvas tarp, thusly creating a piece of artwork that can be hung up or used as a cover for multiple applications. Ace canopy CEO and founder Michael Stein thought of the idea. When looking on the shelves and noticed overstocked items and wanted to do something more then sell them at a low cost. Stein said," anybody can sell their overstocked products products at a lower cost, but I wanted to try to do something that felt important and at the same time help people." The Canopies for Kids program begins April 30, 2013. Several schools across Southern California have been chosen for the program. If you are a school in Los Angeles and was to be a part of the Canopies For Kids program, please contact ace canopy at: or call at, 1-800-838-3057
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