Light Duty Canopies

Looking for canopies that you'll only be using occasionally? Then check out our line of light duty canopies with great savings to you. If you have outdoor activities occasionally, these canopies are good solution. Light duty canopies let you have fun outdoors while avoiding direct sun exposure.

Typical Uses of Light Duty Canopies

Light duty canopies are only for meant for one or two day use at a time. Since they are light, they can only be used during sunny days. In case there are strong winds, these canopies need to be taken down. We recommend them for people who only use canopies from time to time.

Here are just some of the events/activities where the light duty canopies are being used:

  • Barbecue parties
  • Tailgating
  • Camping
  • Family celebrations and get-togethers

Light duty canopies are not meant for long-term applications. They cannot handle strong winds and heavy rain. Check the weather condition on the day you’re going to use these light duty canopies to avoid hassles. If you need tougher canopies, you can check out the other sections of this site.


More Info on Light Duty Canopy Specs

Light duty canopies are not as strong bet very easy to assemble. Highly portable, these light duty canopies can easily be taken wherever they're needed. Since they are lighter, they can be transported without difficulty.

We have canopies that have straight legs and slanted legs. The ones with straight legs give stability and more coverage. The canopies with slanted legs have a wider base but have smaller coverage.

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