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Ace Instant Canopy & Pop Up Tents by Ace Canopy. Looking for instant canopies? We offer premium quality instant canopy and pop up tents with a wide range of colors to choose from. The instant canopies are the perfect choice for those looking for instant shade and protection. Great for vendors at trade shows or flea markets, people relaxing at the beach and other outdoor enthusiasts. These quick-to-set-up tents have all the qualities of a good, instant, portable structure.

Our Ace instant canopies give quality protection with a higher density top and steel canopy frame. Our quick instant shade canopies are the perfect choice for anyone wanting protection, quality and a good price.

Need an instant canopy? You cannot go wrong with the Ace instant canopy! The Ace instant canopy shelter sets up in seconds. Farmer's market vendors use instant canopies because they need their canopy to be set up in an instant without the hassles. They are the best in instant canopies. Our instant canopy and pop up tents will surely fit your temporary outdoor shading needs.


Ideal Uses of Instant Canopies 

Outdoor enthusiasts, trade show exhibitors, flea market vendors and individuals who are just looking for a quick sun shade will surely gain a lot from the instant canopies we offer. These are called instant canopies because you can set them up fast.

With instant canopies, trade show exhibitors and flea market vendors can concentrate on the important aspects of their sales instead of spending the time trying to figure out how to set up their outdoor shade.

Instant canopies also allow you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the harmful shade of the sun or drizzles. Children can safely play outside your home under the protection of these instant canopies.

These portable structures are not meant for extended use. In case you need a long-term cover, check out our outdoor canopies. Take down the instant canopy in case the weather worsens. These structures have to be facilitated during use.


Additional Info on Instant Canopy Specs

We offer instant canopies that have slanted legs and straight legs. The former has a wider base but less coverage while the latter gives more coverage and is more stable.

These instant canopies feature a powder coated steel frame. The powder coating process enables the frame to resist corrosion and rust. The process uses dry paint instead of liquid paint so the finish will not wear off easily regardless of constant exposure. Foot pads are included. They make the canopy more stable.

Polyester is a tough material that can withstand constant exposure to the elements. It is designed to resist shrinking, wrinkling, stretching, mildew and abrasions. Chemicals won’t be able to harm these instant canopies easily.

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