Industrial Canopies

Our industrial canopies are used all over the world. These large canopies are super heavy-duty. They are designed for industrial use. When customers need a heavy-duty, commercial tent canopy, they come to us because they know that our canopy frames can handle heavy demands.

The industrial canopies can handle that large event or storage facility needs. When it comes to the serious user, we suggest these industrial canopies.

Typical Uses of Industrial Canopies

Industrial canopies are designed to withstand heavy-duty demands. Aside from industrial use, they are also usually found in agricultural and commercial applications.

If you have loading and unloading operations, we recommend our industrial canopies. The goods or equipment are well protected together with the vehicle. Heavy construction machines can also be parked or stored inside these industrial canopies so that they won’t get harmed by the elements.

The large industrial canopy we offer can be used for warehousing applications. With industrial canopies, you can increase your storage space. They can be combined with other industrial shelters to broaden the range of your storage operations.


More Information on Industrial Canopy Specs

Our industrial canopies are designed for long-term use. They will surely last for a long time with all their heavy-duty steel components. The steel components are durable yet heavy. That’s why it would be hard to set up the whole industrial canopy. Instructions on how to assemble the canopies are included, but you also have the option to hire professionals when erecting the whole structure.

Industrial canopies have a cover made of polyethylene. This cover is waterproof and is treated to against ultraviolet rays. Continuous outdoor exposure won’t be enough to wear out the covers of these canopies.

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