Heavy Duty Party Tents

For frequent users of party tents, the heavy duty ones are recommended. Ideal for weddings, outdoor celebrations, business functions, exhibitions and other joyous occasions. You'll never go wrong with a party tent from Ace Canopy. Galvanized steel and high quality poly oxford tops assure a quality look as well as something that with last. 


Typical Uses of Heavy Duty Party Tents

Do you constantly hold outdoor activities? Then we recommend our heavy-duty party tents. These are semi-permanent structures so you don’t have to take them down, especially when you’re going to use them frequently. Note:  In the event of very high winds it is advisable to always take the top off. 

Size is a big consideration when purchasing a party tent. How many tables and seats will you be placing under the tent? How much space will the items take? Plan in advance so you’ll have enough shaded space during your event.

We recommend out heavy duty party tents to party tent rental owners. Since these are heavy duty tents, they will not wear out from constant set ups and take downs.

More Information on Heavy Duty Party Tent Specs

Our heavy duty party tents feature a heavy-duty polyester oxford top cover. This soft and breathable material can resist water leaking and abrasions. The thickness of the material is determined by the denier number. A high number denier means a thick material. The top cover is also treated with fire retardants which are chemicals that lessen the flammability of the material.

The frames are made of galvanized steel. The coating that protects the steel interior prevents corrosion and rusting. A galvanized steel  is able to last for more than 20 years. Its service life depends on the frequency of use and the location where the tent is erected.

These frame tents use a tubular steel structure to support the top cover and offer more flexibility because they don’t need center poles. 

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