Heavy Duty Diamond Series Pop Up Tents

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Lowest Price Guaranted

Recommended Uses of Heavy Duty Pop Up Tents

The heavy duty Ace Diamond pop up tents are designed for people who use outdoor structures daily. If you’re a flea market vendor who sells every day, this is the pop up tent variety to choose.

These pop up tents are also often used for parties and other outdoor celebrations and activities. We have enclosed ones which provide privacy.

Business owners who go on trade shows, exhibitions and fairs will find the plain white pop up tents useful. Decorations can be added. The enclosed pop up tent can also be personalized to match the products or services of a business.

Heavy duty pop up tents are not meant for long-term use. The use of these temporary structures has to be facilitated. In case the weather worsens, the pop up tent has to be taken down. It cannot withstand strong winds and heavy downpour. If you are looking for tougher structures, please check out our outdoor canopies.


Additional Info on Heavy Duty Pop Up Tent Specs

Polyester is a strong fabric that has the ability to retain its shape regardless of frequent outdoor exposure. It can also resist wrinkling and stretching. It will not abrade or mildew. It will not easily get damaged by chemicals. The polyester top is also waterproof. In case of drizzles, items and people under the pop up tent are protected.

Our Diamond series heavy duty pop up tents have built-in foot pads. Foot pads are necessary to make the tent more stable, especially when setting up on windy spots.  Rememer; if there are strong winds in your area, the pop up tent should be folded up and stored indoors.

The frame of these tents are made of powder coated steel. Powder coating is a process which makes the steel more durable against erosion, this process uses dry paint which can last longer than liquid paint. The surface of a powder coated steel makes it less likely to chip, peel, fade, rust or corrode.





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