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5 Year Extended Warranty
Optional Accessories
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No Edge Top 22x20 (fits most 20x20 canopy frames)
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Shade Screen 6x10
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Heavy Duty Sand Bags
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If you own two vehicles, we recommend the 20x20 Heavy Duty Car Canopy. This is a complete set, so it won't be necessary to purchase extra parts or tools. You can also install additional accessories to improve the performance of the canopy on certain conditions. Place an order today.

20x20 Heavy Duty Car Canopy

  • Heavy-duty tarp cover
  • Full UV protection
  • Super heat resistant
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Heavy-duty ball bungees
  • No tools required - easy set-up
  • Galvanized steel poles 1 3/8-inch pole diameter - heavy-duty 17 gage
  • 5 year warranty on acts of erosion for frame and top cover


  • Weight = 175 pounds
  • Side height = 6' 8"
  • Center height = 9' 6"
  • Peak type = high peak - 120 degrees
  • Total number of legs = 8
  • Use of canopy stakes and foot pads are recommended for windy areas


More Info

Ball bungees. You can quickly install the top cover to its frame with ball bungees. There's no need to punch holes because the cords will fit through the grommets.

17 Gage. Gage (ga) size is the thickness of sheet metal. A 17 gage galvanized steel is 0.0575 in. thick.

UV protection. An ultraviolet treated tarp, even when constantly exposed to UV light and rain, can last for years.

Galvanized steel. The layers of zinc oxide prevent harmful agents from reaching the steel. So you can be sure that a galvanized steel frame is long-lasting.

Additional accessories (for windy days, sold separately).

  1. Foot pads. We recommend foot pads particularly on windy days. They make the structure resistant to strong winds.
  2. Shade screens. Shade screens can diffuse the power of the wind. At the same time, they can invite air in the car canopy.

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