Heavy Duty Canopies

Recommended Uses of Heavy Duty Canopies

Since heavy duty canopies can withstand the elements, they are often used for long-term applications. These structures are usually used for storage and workshop needs because they remain erected even when the weather is unpredictable. They can even be used during the winter season.

If you don’t have the budget to build a garage for your vehicles, RV’s or boats, heavy duty canopies will suffice. These shelters will fit almost all your sheltering needs. But if you need something that looks more attractive, especially for party use, the light duty canopies would be enough.

Do remember that although heavy duty canopies are tougher, they are no match against Mother Nature. In case of severe weather conditions, we advise you to take the canopy down to avoid damage.


More Information in Heavy Duty Canopy Specs

The total weight of a heavy duty canopy is more than 40 pounds. These canopies are guaranteed durable. They are often made of steel so they’re harder to assemble. Since they have better features, they would of course cost more.

Our heavy duty canopies feature a valance top. Valance covers feature flaps that extend from the edges of the tarp top. These flaps provide further protection from water. In case it rains, water will slide down from the valance top cover instead of coming into the covered area.

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