Heavy Duty Canopies

These Ace Canopy heavy duty canopies are made with galvanized 1 3/8" poles and are designed to withstand the elements for an extended period of time. Our canopies can last for years, even if they are used frequently, and they come with warranties.

Recommended Heavy Duty Canopy Uses

Heavy duty canopies can be used the same way you use light duty canopies, but since they’re heavy duty you can expect that they can stay with you longer. These canopies are often used for storage, workshop applications, carports, covers for events, and much more. Our heavy duty canopies may be designed for unpredictable weather, but do remember that they cannot match the strength of Mother Nature so take the canopies down before the weather conditions worsen. We offer a variety of styles in the heavy duty canopy models such as mesh shade canopies, no-edge top canopies, canopies with valance tops, and enclosed canopies. Valance tops offer more water protection and the enclosed canopies offer the most overall protection.

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