Heavy Duty Canopies - With Valance Top

Our valance canopy has a better appearance compared with the canopies with no edge. The flaps on the edges of the top cover are able to provide more protection from the sun and rain. Having one is an affordable way of protecting your vehicles, equipment, materials and other properties.

We have a warranty of five years on all the canopies offered in this page.

Homeowners will truly enjoy the advantages brought by our heavy duty canopies with valance top. They are great for outdoor celebrations and for car owners who don’t have the resources to build a garage.

The valance top cover enhances the look of the structure. All the qualities you’re looking for in a valance canopy are all in each product we offer. Each package comes with a manual so you can easily determine the parts that connect together.

More Information on Heavy Duty Canopies - With Valance Top

The heavy duty canopy with valance top cover can be used for various purposes with their ability to protect you and your properties from sun and rain. Its unique feature is the flaps which provide extra water protection. It’s the ideal structure to use if you’re concerned about the rain.

White and silver are the popular colors. If you use a canopy with either a white or silver top a plain field will surely have an upgraded look.

The canopies we offer are made of premium quality polyethylene. You get long-lasting protection from the sun and rain with our canopies. It also received UV treatment so exposure to the elements will not wear out these structures easily. Grommets are placed along the sides so you can easily install the top cover.

If you have a pool, erect a heavy duty canopy with valance top on the side and then place beach chairs underneath. Relax and enjoy on a hot sunny day under the protection of this canopy.


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