Heavy Duty Canopies - With Mesh Top

The extreme heat of the sun cannot stop you from enjoying the outdoors when you have a heavy duty canopy with mesh top. Highly recommended for people who love to go on picnics and camping and organize outdoor celebrations. You’ll find all the superb qualities that you’re looking for in an outdoor shade in the canopies we offer here.

These structures are able to withstand winds. There are also different sizes offered to fit the various needs of our customers. Look no further and get heavy duty canopies with mesh top only from Ace Canopy.

Additional Information on Heavy Duty Canopies - With Mesh Top

Are you looking for a canopy with a top cover that doesn’t block the light fully? Our heavy duty canopies with mesh top are your solution. Just like our other frame canopies, the parts consist of heavy duty steel. The top cover is translucent which allows a small amount of light to pass through.

The shade it provides is around 73%. It is highly recommended for people who grow plants that do not need a lot of light to thrive. With different colors and sizes available, you’ll surely find the one that suits your backyard or garden.

Our heavy duty canopies with mesh top can be used as your typical outdoor shade. You get a touch of sunlight while escaping the harmful rays. Relax, enjoy a meal or chat with friends and family under the protection of this structure. You don’t have to worry about getting sunburnt. The shade it provides is so comfortable, you don’t even need to squint. 

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