Heavy Duty Canopies - No Edge

Ace Canopy offers heavy duty canopies with top covers that have no edges. Do you have an outdoor space that needs a shade? Choose from our products below. Different sizes and colors are available. These structures are made of high quality materials so they will surely stay with you for a long time. The tarp tops are made of a fully waterproof fabric. Even when you expose these tents to the rain, they will not rust with all the heavy duty galvanized steel components. Look no further and purchase a heavy duty canopy today.

The top cover of the heavy duty canopies we offer is covered by a warranty of five years. It will not be damaged by the heat, snow, rain and agents that bring damage. For windy spots, we recommend another type of canopy. See our Heavy Duty Canopies - With Mesh Top section.

Our heavy duty canopies are loved by homeowners and outdoorsy individuals in the USA. While it will take time and effort to assemble a canopy, you’ll be guided every step of the way with the manual included. You don’t need tools to set up our heavy duty canopies.

More Info on Heavy Duty Canopies - No Edge

Our heavy duty canopies have plenty of uses, especially in residential areas. Place one in your backyard so that you can enjoy various activities while being protected from the sun and rain. If you’re someone who frequently holds parties outdoors, these canopies are recommended. We have different sizes to fit your backyard and different colors to suit your party theme. The price would depend on the size of the canopy.

The canopies in this section can be used continuously. If you need long-term protection for your properties, this is a good option. They will not get damaged by harmful agents easily. The steel components won’t rust regardless of constant exposure to the elements.

Our canopies are also great for sheltering your vehicles. If you don’t have a garage, keep your car safe under the protection of a heavy duty canopy. We have sizes that can cover two or more vehicles. 

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