Heavy Duty Canopies - Enclosed

If you want to keep an outdoor event private or you prefer an enclosed structure, we recommend our heavy duty enclosed canopies. Each is enclosed from all sides with a front door opening. Various sizes are available.

The top cover and the sidewalls are made of heavy-duty, waterproof, UV treated polyethylene fabric. Even when frequently exposed to the elements, they will not wear out easily. Look no further and place an order now.

Additional Information on Heavy Duty Canopies - Enclosed

The heavy duty enclosed canopies are the ideal structures for protecting seasonal vehicles including boats, RVs and ATVs. No matter what the weather condition is, your properties will always be protected. Do you own more than one car? Not to worry! We offer different sizes.

The frame of our heavy duty enclosed canopies comprises of galvanized steel components. The top cover, even when exposed to harmful agents, will not rot or mildew. Molds will not form even after the rain. The tarp fabric is completely waterproof.

Heavy duty enclosed canopies are semi-permanent shelters. They are usually erected on concrete grounds. Building materials, outdoor supplies, garden equipment and tools are often the things stored inside an enclosed shelter.

Water will not be able to penetrate the shelter because of the valance top cover. The flaps are connected to the sidewalls so your prized possessions get the optimum protection.

Get quality protection at an affordable price. Choose heavy duty enclosed canopies only from Ace Canopy.

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