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Now that you've decided to take gardening seriously, take it to the next level by using greenhouse kits. We offer various sizes so you'll surely find one that will fit your yard. Our miniature greenhouse canopy that comes with a clear polypropylene cover maintains the warmth and moisture needed by the plants so it's a good environment for their growth, especially when it's cold outside. The greenhouse also protects the plants from extreme heat during summer. You can see your seedlings growing healthier no matter what the weather condition is. 

The greenhouse kits are made of powder coated steel frame. While a greenhouse requires effort to set up, since the steel parts are heavy, tools won't be necessary. Each kit also holds four polypropylene wire shelves that are removable. You can fill the greenhouse with different types of plants. You can grow anything from seedlings to herbs, and even taller plants like the tomato.

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You Can Keep Your Garden Growing All Year Round With Greenhouse Kits

Greenhouse kits enable you to continue planting and harvesting, no matter what the season is. And here at Ace Canopy, we provide you with various options. We even offer ones which can be used by gardeners with a small yard. Finding the right greenhouse kit for your needs is easy to do, when you know the features that will best suit both your available space and the region where you live.

The right greenhouse kit can help a family get a planting system going even on an apartment balcony. These greenhouse kits come in small, convenient sizes. For the concrete terrain of the city, there are soil systems that let you plant an independent natural soil source.

For an apartment balcony space, a tiered mini greenhouse kit structure might work well. These are often designed with several shelves where plants in pots can be placed. A lightweight yet durable vinyl covering works to ensure that the temperature is controlled so that plants can thrive even when frost hits. The vinyl allows optimal sun penetration, giving the plants all of the heat and nutrients necessary.

Some of the larger, portable greenhouse kits have walled shelving on both sides, a walk-in aisle and a roll-up door. The door can be opened to let heat out in the middle of a hot day. It can also be zippered closed to trap heat in when the temperature drops. With a variety of options, whether you're living in the city or in a rural area, it is possible to keep your green thumb working the entire year.

Ace Canopy strives to offer more canopies than other company in the world and our greenhouse collection proves that.

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