Green Outdoor Canopy

The green canopies offer a nice earth tone which blends well into the environment.

More Info on Green Outdoor Canopies

There will be times when you want a canopy with a green top cover because it can blend with the natural environment. Canopy users will surely find these useful for various residential, commercial and recreational needs.

The top cover is made of waterproof and UV treated polyethylene. This material allows the canopy to provide protection from sun and rain. The durable cover is also resistant to tearing and ripping. It has grommets which allow you to install it to the frame easily.

The frame of the canopies is made up of steel components. Steel is heavy material so it may take time and effort to assemble the structure. But since there is an instruction manual included, setting up won’t be that challenging. The frame is able to withstand different weather conditions.

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