Flat Mesh Tarp Shade Canopies

Canopies with a flat roof and mesh top. Our flat shade canopies are perfect for just about any occasion! They're easy to set up, require no tools, and their low-profile look means they can be used and still be functional almost anywhere!

Suggested Uses of Flat Mesh Tarp Shade Canopies

A flat market canopy is great for use at farmers markets, fairs, restaurants, cafes, pubs, tailgate parties and more. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

The top cover allows some light through, so sunny days can be enjoyed without the need to worry about the harms of the UV rays.

Aside from using the flat mesh tarp shade canopies for businesses, you can use them for the following:

  • Pool side cover
  • Backyard shade
  • Patio shade
  • Camping

Additional Info on Flat Mesh Tarp Shade Canopy Specs

Just like mesh tarp canopies, the flat mesh tarp shade canopies allow 70% of sunlight through. They are treated to withstand different damaging agents. The top cover has grommets which allow easy installation.

These canopies have a frame made of the durable galvanized steel. This long-lasting and low-maintenance material will not rust or corrode easily. It has a hard to scratch finish with an attractive, satiny appearance.

There’s no need to use tools to set up these flat mesh tarp shade canopies. Just connect all the frame parts together. You can also add accessories to make the structure more stable.

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