Fire Retardant Canopies

Our fire retardant canopies are the highest grade fire retardant canopies you will find anywhere. The fire retardant canopy tents all come with a heavy-duty, 12 mil. polyethylene, fire retardant tarp cover. Each canopy tarp is certified by the California State Fire Marshal.

Our fire retardant canopies meet the requirements of the fire retardant uniform fire code of the United States. If you are looking for the best fire retardant canopies in the market, we suggest our top notch fire retardant canopies.

Do you have an event and need high quality fire retardant canopies? We can help you with our certified fire retardant canopies.

Recommended Uses of Fire Retardant Canopies

Fire retardant canopies provide more protection than the typical canopies available here at Ace Canopy. Other canopies will easily burn when the material catches fire, but these tarps are different. The material can possibly stop the spread of flames.

That’s why we recommend these canopies for events and activities where there are potential fire risks. In residential areas, fire retardant canopies can be used for barbeque parties. We also recommend fire retardant canopies for race car events. In case of fire, there will be less property damage with fire retardant canopies.


Additional Information on Fire Retardant Canopy Specs 

Our fire retardant canopies have frame components made of galvanized steel. This type of material has a protective coating that prevents rusting and corrosion. The surface of galvanized steel won’t get scratches easily.

These canopies are treated with fire retardants. These are substances that lessen the flammability of items. Note that fire retardants do not make the canopies fire resistant. They can only slow down the spread of fire.

Ball bungees allow you to easily place the top cover to the frame. Damaging the tarps won’t be necessary. All you need to do is insert the cord through the grommets, wrap it once or twice around the pole and then fasten the cord to the ball. 

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