Enclosed Party Tents

These enclosed party tents come equipped with sidewalls which keep your event private. It's nice to have an event with a party tent that lets you enjoy privacy while being fully protected from the sun, rain and wind. Our enclosed party tents are easy to set up and are versatile. The enclosed walls can easily be taken off and stored away. Your event can never go wrong with these enclosed party tents.


Is your event in a cold area and you need enclosed party tents? We have a huge supply of enclosed party tents to choose from. We offer a wide selection of enclosed party tents that can offer all weather protection for your next party or event.  Enclosed party tents are great for events when it's cold.  Enclosing the tent and using heaters safely can assure the inside tent stays warmer.

Enjoy Your Next Event With Enclosed Party Tents

Whenever you plan an outdoor party or celebration, you always cross your fingers and hope for the perfect weather. Nothing can be more perfect than clear, sunny weather, but there will be times when rain showers will occur. Do not let the weather ruin the joy of your event. Make planning easier and stress free by investing in enclosed party tents.

From wedding reception to holiday parties, birthday parties, and corporate events, the outdoors often seems like the best setting to enjoy your celebration. And you can even extend your home outdoors by using a few tents. If you simply do not have enough room in your home to host all the guests in your list, make your home bigger by using stylish party tents. You may be surprised that most of your guests will end up enjoying the fresh air outside.

There is something about the outdoors that creates a fun and romantic atmosphere for events. And you can really highlight this atmosphere with the inclusion of a few party tents. Decorate the interior to suit your theme, or simply use gauzy white covers to create a more romantic atmosphere. Use your imagination to jazz up the tents for the party you are hosting. The enclosed party tents also make an ideal location for serving food. You can set up a buffet or appetizer table underneath a tent, creating an easily recognizable location for the food.

If someone is speaking at your event, use a tent as a gathering place. This can also make an ideal platform for other entertainers, such as musicians. They can set up their equipment in an enclosed party tent without any worries about the elements. You can even set up a sound system for better sound quality.

Enclosed party tents have polyester oxford as the top cover. This fabric is tough and resistant to mildew. This easy-to-clean material dries easily. It is able to resist chemicals and abrasions. The thickness is indicated in denier. A higher denier means a thicker thread. The material is also treated with fire retardants. These are substances that lessen the flammability of a material.

The enclosed party tents feature galvanized steel poles. This durable coated steel can last for years without too much maintenance. It is resistant to rust and corrosion when exposed to various weather conditions. Their service life depends on the frequency of use and the location where they're being used (i.e. shorter service in coastal areas). 

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