Enclosed Canopy

If you are looking for an enclosed canopy shelter for sunny and rainy conditions or to cover your vehicles, Abadak is the right place to be. We offer a huge selection of enclosed canopies in different sizes to suit various needs.

Our enclosed canopy tents come in white or silver super heavy-duty U.V. treated sidewalls and canopy covers. The material is 100% water resistant. The canopy frame is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing. Our tarp tent canopy cover holds up against the sun's harsh rays.

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Typical Uses of Enclosed Canopies

Enclosed canopies are typically used for applications that require total protection from all sides.

These canopies are especially helpful for keeping objects dry. Since they cover all sides, your items are protected from rain and strong winds which worsen the damage brought by rain.

We offer enclosed canopies with windows. Having these on the sides increases visibility inside the structure. When using the enclosed canopy during parties, you and your guests can enjoy the view of the outdoors even while you are inside the tent.

Various sizes are available. We have enclosed canopies you can use as workshops or garages. There are also sizes that would fit two vehicles and building supplies. We also offer enclosed canopies which can be used for outdoor parties, especially if you need privacy.


More Information on Enclosed Canopy Specs

Enclosed canopies are portable structures. They are made of steel so they are more durable than most canopies. Steel-made canopies require more effort because the components are heavy. Refer to the instructions included in the canopy package you purchased so you will be guided every step of the way.  Their durability allows long-term use. But in case of severe weather conditions, the canopy must be taken down in order to prevent damages.

These canopies have tarp tops and sidewalls made of polyethylene. These super heavy-duty covers are resistant to the elements and will not tear easily but remember; if there are windy conditions in your area, it is advisable to take the canopy down. These canopies are UV treated so they are also resistant to exposure from the sun. The tarps are valance tops. The flaps on the edges provide more water protection. These enclosed canopies are made accessible. The front opening allows easy access. The zippered front door also allows you to fully enclose the canopy quickly.

Our enclosed canopy packages come with ball bungees which are used for installing the tarp top. These are easy to use straps which are inserted through the grommets so you don’t need to punch holes on the tarp.

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