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Ball Bungee - 100 Piece Bag
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Heavy Duty Sand Bags
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If you need an outdoor canopy with better interior visibility, choose the 10x20 enclosed canopy with windows. You can park your vehicle inside this enclosed structure without worrying about the elements. You can also store equipment or use it as an outdoor workspace.

Enclosed Canopy 10x20 With Windows

  • Heavy-duty tarp cover and walls
  • Full UV protection
  • Super heat resistant
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Heavy-duty ball bungees
  • No tools required - easy set-up
  • Galvanized steel poles 1 3/8-inch pole diameter - heavy-duty 17 gage
  • 5-year warranty on acts of erosion for frame and top cover



  • Weight = 130 pounds
  • Side height = 6' 8"
  • Center height = 9' 9"
  • Peak type = high peak - 120 degrees
  • Total number of legs = 8


Additional Information

Galvanized steel. Steel, after going through a chemical process involved in galvanization, becomes resistant to corrosion and rust. Galvanized steel is also long-lasting and very durable. Little maintenance is needed.

UV protection. The poly tarp sidewalls and top cover are UV treated. They resist deterioration caused by different agents and can withstand different weather conditions.

Ball bungees. A ball bungee is a special kind of fastening accessory for your canopy. With its heavy-duty elastic cord, it can hold the tarp to the frame well.

17 gage. A 17 gauge galvanized steel is 0.058 in thick. Gage is the standard sheet metal thickness.

Canopy foot pads. A foot pad is the recommended accessory to use during windy conditions. Make the tent steadier by installing these foot pads to the legs.

Written by William O'Connor

July 27, 2015

This is a sturdy, useful tent. We open our store at summer events and it has been very good. Order the metal canopy foot pads, and realize that high winds will want to tumbleweed this tent. You will need long tent pegs for the feet and some way to anchor it to the ground, but it is a great buy.
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