Dome Canopies

Our dome canopies are great for storing your car, boat or RV. These are perfect for those heavy snow seasons.

The dome top gives the canopy a unique look. The design of the structure keeps your vehicle in a tightly enclosed area.

Recommended Dome Canopy Uses

Dome canopies are often used for smaller and compact vehicles. Whether you want to cover a regular car or a vessel, the dome canopy can keep your property in top shape.

Since they provide excellent coverage, our dome canopies can be used for storing other items. Here are just some of the objects often stored in dome canopies:

  • Cars
  • Garden and lawn equipment
  • Jet skis
  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Vans
  • Trailers
  • Tractors
  • Bulk storage items

Although dome canopies may fully cover your vehicle, they are not as accessible as regular carports. If you need something that’s more accessible, choose canopies that only cover the top part.

More Information on Dome Canopy Specs

Dome canopies are not just attractive. The dome shape of the top part lets water, snow and moisture easily slide down the cover. With this design, you are guaranteed a canopy that’s durable and provides extra protection.

These canopies consist of steel frames which are very tough. They make the structure semi-permanent. Remember that steel frames require extra effort when setting up. But rest assured that you will be guided because instructions are included in every dome canopy package.

Our dome canopies also come with a polyethylene cover. PE covers have resistance to UV rays. They are waterproof so in case it rains, the water will not leak inside the structure. These covers are treated with chemicals that prevent deterioration from exposure to the elements.

We offer dome canopies manufactured by ShelterLogic. Canopies created by this company come with stabilizers so they remain steady even under unpredictable weather conditions. These canopies also have steel frames which are designed to resist rusting.

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