Custom Tarp Canopies

Need a custom canopy?  Fill out our custom canopy form wish list and our canopy specialist will call you with a custom canopy plan.  We have made thousands of custom canopies for hundreds of applications. Whether you are a flea market vendor, contractor, an artist or just someone who needs their canopy to fit in that tight spot, we can help you. Our Custom Outdoor Canopy team can build your canopy to fit in that area you need! Our custom canopy department offers free quotes.

Note: These are for pole canopies (see picture above)  Pole canopies use tarps as the roof of the canopy.

Save time! Fill out our form above and we will get started on preparing your custom canopy tent concept right away. After we received this we will call you to discuss your design.
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Custom Canopy Note: Ace Canopy will always work towards customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of your requests and will work closely with our customers to ensure satisfaction with their Custom Order. We would like our Ace Canopy Customer to understand the unique service we provide them when building a Custom Canopy for a special event or project. Custom outdoor canopies are specifically made for the individual requesting them and cannot be restocked or resold. All materials for a custom canopies have been cut specifically for the size ordered and may not be returned for a refund. All custom canopy sales are final. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order we would like to assure you that we are here to assist and provide you with the best possible service our staff can provide for your custom canopy needs.


Whether you need a custom canopy tent, carport, sukka tent, burning man dome, dog kennel or just a multiple purpose canopy, we can help.

How To Order A Custom Outdoor Canopy

A canopy can be built like a tent, minus the floor and be built many different ways. A custom outdoor canopy can have a wide range of uses. There are different types of customized canopies with options and we can offer those options to you. A canopy made for architectural purposes can be used to protect other structures from the elements for example. Canopies for this purpose are usually supported by the main structure or upright posts.

Canopies can also be a stand alone type. Like a cabana or a gazebo that is covered with fabric. Many of these fabrics are easy to clean, bright, long-lasting and weather elements like water, heat from the sun etc. Being as they are made from fabric, they can meets many design needs. These stand alone structures can be used to entertain guests, provide shade for other things etc.

Another idea that can help one to customize a canopy is to have them pop up when they are unleashed. This means that you have a portable structure that you can carry with you to the beach for example, or move around your home.

The fabric that makes canopies can also influence a designer in many ways, like color can be made to match with the overall theme of the structure or outdoors. Most canopy fabrics come in green, red, blue, yellow and white. Other colors include purple, gold and black.

The custom canopy process is simple. The most important part is to know the length, width, height and color of canopy you want.

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