Commercial Canopies

We offer commercial portable canopies for trucks, cars and boats. Our steel tube canopies are built for commercial use and can withstand a beating. When it comes to commercial grade canopy carports, we are second to none. If you are looking for the ultimate commercial canopy shelters we suggest our selection of commercial portable canopies.

Looking for commercial grade portable canopies that will last for a long time? Choose only the ones from Ace Canopy.

Additional Info on Commercial Canopies

Commercial canopies are recommended for industrial, agricultural and business use. They usually feature galvanized steel frames with dual cover tension system. These structures are typically used for covering many cars, storing machines and equipment and protecting animals. They can also serve as a workshop area. The commercial canopies are also made for demanding jobs that require excellent resistance from the elements.

The commercial canopies are heavy-duty. The frames made of galvanized steel can last for years. The door and main cover are made of long-lasting, UV treated and fire retardant polyethylene. The seams are heat sealed. The peak of the canopies allows water and snow to slide off the canopy instead. Water will not pile up on the top of the cover. The canopies also come with accessories that add stability to the tent.

With the large size and heavy weight of the commercial canopies, it will take time and effort to set one up. But there will be no hassles since each package has assembly instructions included.

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