Carport Kits

Our carport kits are meant year round vehicle shelter. The beauty of a carport kit is the ability to provide portable protection. There is no need for plans to build a carport because our carport kits come with assembly instructions. Our freestanding carport kits enable you to store your vehicle without long, tedious and costly preparations. We specialize in carport kits and offer each one with a low price guarantee. So, if you are looking for the largest variety carport kits at the lowest cost, we suggest one of our cheap carport kits.

These carport are large and are shipped via freight truck.

Why do you need carport kits? A carport kit is an affordable version of a garage. It protects your car all year round from rain and sun damage. Freestanding carport kits can also be used for general storage, protecting your belongings from the elements.

Carport Kit Uses

Free standing carport kits provide protection from the elements. Various sizes are available here at Whether you own a big or small vehicle, you’ll surely find a structure that will fit your needs. Aside from regular vehicles, these structures can shield trailers, boats and other vessels from potential damages.

These structures are not just for covering your vehicles. Since they provide overhead protection, they can be used for different outdoor needs. Are you fond of DIY projects? Work under a carport so the heat of the sun will not drain your energy or damage your skin. Although it looks plain, a carport can still be used for parties. Just add decorations to improve its appearance. But if you really want something that's suitable for parties, you can check out the other sections of Ace Canopy. We have party tents which have styles that will match every joyous outdoor event.

During rainy days, you can hang your clothes under the carport. It can also serve as a play area for children so they will not be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Carports generally have various uses in residential areas.  Note: if there are severe weather warnings it is advisable to take the structure down.


More Information Carport Kit Specifications

The frame of carport kits is often made of steel. While it'll take effort to set up, this frame material is guaranteed tough and long-lasting. Steel frames are able to withstand strong winds and heavy rain.

Our carports come with a polyethylene cover. This fabric is a waterproof and UV treated material. It is able to maintain its good qualities regardless of exposure to different weather conditions. PE covers can even last throughout the winter season depending on winds and other factors.

Some of our carport kits have a rear and front opening. Others can only be accessed from the front. The rear opening allows you to park smoothly. You can pass from behind the carport when you park your car and then pass through the front when you go out.

We offer products by ShelterLogic. Carports from this manufacturer come with foot plates and other components that make the structure steadier.

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